Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to choose the right cloth pad for You

First things first - ***Congratulations*** on considering and making the switch to cloth pads! You have joined a growing number of women who find using reusables a better choice.

When you are first starting out using cloth pads it can be very confusing with the many choices out there. How do you make the right choice for you? Unfortunately the answer is there is no right choice as cloth pads are like clothing, there is not a one size fits all. Some like a favourite "brand" of cloth pads and others like to have a large variety of pads from different sellers. There are a few steps you can take in helping you choose when you are first starting out:

  • Read reviews; reading reviews that have been left on the sellers site is helpful. Reviews that are written on blogs can also be informative, but please bear in mind that the blogger has often received a free or heavily discounted product, not always - but more often than not.
  • Consider your budget, it is not desirable to buy an instant stash of pads - as if you find they are not what you were hoping for you have wasted your money, even if you received a bulk order discount.
  • Start slowly, buying one or two pads from sellers you are interested in before committing to a large order. Wear the pads for one or two cycles to see if the fit and feel is right for you before purchasing more.
  • Measure the width of your underwear and look for pads that approximate this in closed width. Typical preferred widths are anywhere between 6.5cm to 8cm, or 2.5-3.0", most wider widths tend to be on longer, or heavy flow pads. If the seller does not list the closed width of the pad, ask them what their pads closed width is. The closed width is the area in black as shown:

Sunday, 13 July 2014

New products at Clothcycle

I have not written a blog post in so long, mainly because my new website ate my blog! Long story, not worth telling. But here I am again now rambling about my handcrafting :D

Recently I have had some fun with dyeing using procion fibre reactive dyes. I am by no means an expert but have created some beautiful (I think) works using various different techniques. I have tried ice dyeing in the past, but found it quite hard not living in a cold climate with accessible snow. I kicked myself for not taking our Eskie up to Lake Mountain the other week! So instead of ice dye I used some tye dyeing and shibori style techniques.

My site is now stocked with some of the latest creations using the beautiful hand dyed bamboo flannel. I have also made a few little wetbags, these have been sold out for some time now, simply because I have not had much time to re-stock.
32cm Cadence Bamboo Flannel Fantail

Australiana Wetbag

I am also about to launch a new Giveaway. Stay tuned... that is a little weird to say as I lost all my followers when my last blog was eaten ... time to start again! ;)