Sunday, 21 December 2014

Happy Holidays

I have been concentrating on building a new website these last couple of months. It has been a BIG learning curve getting to grips with how to display all the content I wish to display and to actually get it in the right places! I am not an IT expert, and my tech support have been very aware of this!
Bless their patient souls. The main benefits you will find is that it will be easier to navigate on mobile and a little more streamlined overall. If you do notice any hiccups, please do let me know.

You will have to excuse me while we change in front of you. If you have tried to visit in the last couple of days, the site will be displaying an oopsey page. It is all not quite ironed out yet, hopefully it will be displaying the brand spanking new website in the next couple days. In the meantime if you do wish to visit the site it is available via this link:
Clothcycle Site and also I continue to offer stock at the Cloth Pad Shop

As I reflect on the past year I realise that the focus of my work is turning to using materials which I love working with. When I first started making pads I concentrated on providing a wide variety of fabrics based on what customers were requesting. I have realised with time that I can not please all customers as there is such a diverse personal preference in pads. I am naturally choosing fabrics which suit the style of pads that I make. Again it is also about offering pads which I think are made from quality fabrics offering comfort and superior absorbency overall. As a bonus I am finding much pleasure in creating hand dyed velours.

Thanks to Tamsin for encouraging me in this creative venture :) 

There have been some new additions to the site and I have also restocked the bamboo beautiful trio set. Here are some of the new pads.

There are only a few Eco Femme Pantyliner 3 packs left in stock in the 2 stores - but don't worry there will be another shipment arriving soon!

The Cloth Pad Shop will be closed in the beginning week of Jan 15. will be open during this time with shipment of orders delayed to the week of the 12th Jan 15.

Wishing you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Light Pads

Introducing the Light Pad, PUL. This pad is discrete, stable and has a leak proof inner layer. The design of this pad has a very low profile, whilst still being absorbent, as it is constructed from 2 layers of bamboo - one layer of hand dyed velour and one layer of super heavy bamboo fleece.

The stability comes from the backing layer which is made from bamboo fleece with a lining of PUL. The texture of the fleece prevents shifting of the pad as it tends to grip the gusset fabric of your underwear.

These pads are great if you do suffer from the occasional sneeze peeze, you are pregnant or experiencing increased discharge or looking for a pad for an internal product back up. 

Each pad is unique, as the bamboo velour has been hand dyed with procion fibre reactive dyes. You will notice in the product items that another image is added which has a composite view. This is not the pad you will receive (unless you purchase the original, shown in the images here) but is given to provide an example of how your pad looks closed together with an example view of the back.

There are 5 currently in stock which are listed at and the Cloth Pad Shop