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Why Cloth Pads?

Cloth pads are comfortable, soft and beautiful. Use cloth pads exactly as you would a disposable pad, then rinse well - wash and reuse (full care instructions are provided with purchase). 

The benefits of cloth pads are:
  • Breathable, soft and will not give you an accidental waxing!
  • Made with beautiful fabrics which also include organic options.
  • Comfortable and reusable back-up to a menstrual cup or an internal product.
  • Less waste/landfill and no running out of supplies.
  • After initial investment they do cost less overall.
What about the ewww factor? It is not in recent times a conventional approach for managing our menstrual cycle or continence needs. Nevertheless, historically for the most part cloth is what has been traditionally used. The difference today is that our "rags" are very pretty and have the added benefit of modern water repellent materials! We do not throw away our shirts, sheets or pants if they are soiled with blood or bodily fluids, they are washed and reused - and so it is with cloth pads.

Care and use of cloth pads and commonly asked questions can be found in the FAQ section.

What makes Clothcycle Cloth Pads a great choice!
  • Clothcycle pads are made with the highest quality fabrics. This includes beautiful bamboo velours, bamboo flannels, jerseys, quilters cottons and a selection of organic cottons.
  • Internal cores are made from super absorbent bamboo fleece. Bamboo fabric has been shown to be approximately 60% more absorbent than cotton alone.
  • Clothcycle products are packaged and sent in ecofriendly oxo-biodegradable packaging (excepting Australia Post tracked parcel and express post bags).
Pads contain either hidden PUL lining or have a windpro fleece back for wetproofing. Most liners do not have a wetproof layer. 


Windpro Fleece
Water resistance demonstration

Windpro is a fleece which is manufactured from specialty polyester yarns. It has a very dense weave which gives it both a low profile and a water repellent surface.

PUL is also used in pads to provide leak resistance. This is a speciality fabric which was originally designed for use in the heatlhcare industry. PUL is an acronym for polyurethane laminate, the laminate layer is bonded to a polyester knit to make PUL. This fabric is thin and breathable. PUL allows a pad to be slim and reliable.

Facing fabrics include bamboo/organic cotton velours, bamboo flannel, cotton jerseys, quilters cottons, flannels and organic fabrics. The absorbent cores are heavy bamboo fleece (500gms/m), each pad listing has a description of the core fabric. 

Pads are available in various styles and shapes:
Liners and Light Pads

  • Choose from a 15cm/6" liner (shown at left) and the 18cm/7.25" bamboo beautiful liner (3 pack). Liners are suitable for every day wear or as a back-up to internal product. Liners do not contain a wetproofing fabric layer as they are designed for light spotting.

    Moderate/Day Pads

  • 20cm/8" Light Pad and 23cm/9" Moderate Pad, for moderate to light flow or back-up to internal product.
  • Suitable for day time use and for mild stress incontinence.

    Heavy and Night Absorbency Pads

  • 26cm/10" for heavy days or night time use (if you have extremely gushing flow at night a longer pad or a pad with 3 core layers may be indicated), 28cm/11" for heavy days or night time use
  • 31cm/12", 32cm/12 1/4" Fantail Pad and 38cm/15" for heavy days, night time or post-partum use.

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