Saturday, 6 December 2014

Light Pads

Introducing the Light Pad, PUL. This pad is discrete, stable and has a leak proof inner layer. The design of this pad has a very low profile, whilst still being absorbent, as it is constructed from 2 layers of bamboo - one layer of hand dyed velour and one layer of super heavy bamboo fleece.

The stability comes from the backing layer which is made from bamboo fleece with a lining of PUL. The texture of the fleece prevents shifting of the pad as it tends to grip the gusset fabric of your underwear.

These pads are great if you do suffer from the occasional sneeze peeze, you are pregnant or experiencing increased discharge or looking for a pad for an internal product back up. 

Each pad is unique, as the bamboo velour has been hand dyed with procion fibre reactive dyes. You will notice in the product items that another image is added which has a composite view. This is not the pad you will receive (unless you purchase the original, shown in the images here) but is given to provide an example of how your pad looks closed together with an example view of the back.

There are 5 currently in stock which are listed at and the Cloth Pad Shop

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