Sunday, 8 February 2015

Liner stocking news flash!

Stocking of the store has been slow recently as it has been birthday season at our house. I have just restocked the bamboo beautiful 3 pack liners and the red hemp Geisha liners. Next job on the to do list is the Little Black Liners!

Bamboo Beautiful Liners
Bamboo Beautiful Liners ~ 3 pack
Do you have a liner or pad that is always on the top of your stash for wear? This is my go to liner. A simple flannel liner made entirely from bamboo flannel and bamboo fleece. You will notice these feature as my profile pic for the Clothcycle facebook page... as this set is a signature item of Clothcycle pads. Find these at and The Cloth Pad Shop
Red Geisha Liners

Have you tried my hemp liners? These are super cute and extremely comfortable. x5 available across the stores.

Our second to youngest daughter started school this year. She has taken to school like a duck to water and made friends very quickly, so this is great. Still one left at home, I was worried that she would feel the draught of her big sister not being there but, no, she has not asked for her at all! I think she is enjoying the time alone with Mum ;)

Hope your 2015 has started off well too! 

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